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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2016
Wonderful book. Have already recommended it to friends. The book opens up by describing different feelings one has and signs of those feelings. For example: when you are happy you may want to smile and play and dance and when you are sad you may want to cry; it's okay to cry- that's why we have tears. This leads to describing to feeling of being unsafe. The author lists examples of when one may feel unsafe (example: I felt unsafe when my aunts dog barked at me. I felt unsafe when someone stood to close to me and I did not want them to, etc). The book mentions what our body may experience when we are feeling unsafe (sweating, wanting to cry, needing to use the bathroom, etc) and says that we may experience all or just one of these signs when we are feeling unsafe. The book then describes a safety network and how it is important that we always talk to someone in our safety network when we are feeling unsafe. Then the reader goes on to hear about what private parts are, their importance of calling them by their correct names, and how no one ever touches yours or ask to look at yours, shows or asked you to touch theirs, or shows you pictures. The book talks about the importance of consent and personal boundaries. I believe the book was written to give children knowledge, confidence, and is written in ways for them to understand. I also liked the pages at the end of the book written for the parents.
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