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Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2005
First, the book can speak for itself. These are quotes followed by the title of the section from which they were pulled:

"If you're among the softhearted or weak-nerved parents who just can't or won't listen to their babies crying it out, you may have another choice besides sleepless nights." [Crying it Out]

"Like most babies his age, your baby's already learning to be manipulative. And like most good momies, you're falling right into his trap... He plays on your insecurities, instills the guilt, and gets what he wants." [Baby's Misbehaving With You]

"Though it's not considered the ideal situation for infants, some mothers nevertheless turn to group day care because they have no other choice." [Group Day Care] "Most experts agree that if a mother can't be with her baby all of the time (because of work, school, or other commitments), the next best option is a mother substitute." [In-Home Care]

If the language rubs you the wrong way or is just less supporting/comforting than what you are seeking, you probably will not like this book as a source of answers.
I have found it useful as a source of dialogue; my husband and I have found the questions posed in the book to be a useful source of prompts for discussing/exploring our thoughts about parenting and children. So, I give it three stars for provoking communication. Highlight what works for you, scribble commentary all over the parts that don't work for you, and take it with a grain of salt.
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