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Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2020
I have been an avid Michael Connelly fan through the years and have read most of his books. I consider them a great "beach" or "airplane" read, nothing cerebral, just entertaining and suspenseful. I am reading the newly released, Mickey Haller book, The Law of Innocence and was enjoying until a little more than half way through in a segment about choosing jurors, Mr. Connelly decided to reveal his political bias. He called our current President a liar, and denigrated a potential juror because she had a Trump sticker on her car, etc. etc. When will you liberals learn? There are a great many politically conservatives out here and they were purchasing your books. You will go the way of Facebook, Twitter, Main Stream Media and now Fox. There are other alternatives and we do not have to listen to your political bias. Vote the way you vote but stop attacking the "right" in everything you do; it is shallow and has no place in casual fiction, meant for entertainment. I will replace with another author that churns out predictable books for my "airplane" reads.
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