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Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2010
Hey all this is Sam AKA Para in the gaming review community. This is one of many gaming reviews I will be starting for Amazon, so I hope you enjoy. Going to be talking about Resistance 2 and what I think is a great second edition to the original game. First off let's talk about the story which I have to say is great and very well written. The voice over acting is outstanding and makes it feel like you are in the story. Taking place after the first game this game seems to stay on track and not go into a whole new story line which is a +. The cut scenes are phenomenal and will have you wanting to see more after and before each mission. The ending was good but without any details being said I was a little sad that is how it ended.

Now for the gameplay, it was nice visually and audio wise. With a good tv everything seems to come out at you graphically. It is a big improvement and so well detailed. The sound is also amazing, bullet passing your head just have this sense that they are coming out of your screen and literally next to you. The environments are well detailed and have great sound effects to go along with them. Controls for the game are the same which is nice, always hate when the new version changes from the original but not in this case. Boss fights are bigger and better and have you fearing how in the world you are going to kill something like that but that is what makes this game exciting.

Now for online/multiplayer which I can say is very fun because I love how they made classes and xp to level up each. Team work is very important and it is nice to have a medic and a tank work together to mow down incoming enemies. The missions that they put for co-op are very fun and enjoyable over and over and being able to bring a friend along is very nice. Competitive is also fun and intense but they did pull it off nicely. As I said the xp system is nice for gaining new guns and abilities which makes it even more worthwhile to level up and play online so you can own the next noob with lower level guns lol. There is a lot of replay value cause of this xp system and the co-op modes will have you coming back for more and trying to beat each level on the hardest difficulty with friends.

Overall great game and is defiantly GOTY game material. If you have not played the first, do so and then pick this up.

Score out of 5

Concept/Story: 5*, Just awesome, picks up from the original and goes down a linear road so it is not off topic. Voice acting and cut scenes add to the excitement.

Graphics: 5*, Great and very detailed. You will be at awe at some of the enemy details and the environment. Water looks great in the game and the lighting was very well done.

Sound: 5*, The sounds just flow with the environment and that effects of the guns and explosions make it feel like you are one step closer from actually being in the game.

Entertainment Value: 5*, Fun with friends and even solo. I have to say though more enjoyable with friends and playing co-op.

Control: 5*, Not really hard to learn if you played the first, easy if you are new.

Replay Value: 5*, Playing with friends just makes this game so replayable and with the xp system to gain new stuff you will want to max out and show off.

Thank you for your time, hope this review helps with your decision to buy the game. Take my word or don't take it, but this is a game you will be happy with purchasing.
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