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Reviewed in the United States on December 18, 2019
I've been seeing this book for awhile. I didn't pick it because "academy reads" are just an instant eye rolling no-go for me. I hit a good book dry spell. I read the reviews for Evermore Academy. I reluctantly downloaded it.
I'm soooo glad I did. There are tropes here. There are fae, vampires, mates, an academy. But the way it's written, the plot, the characters made this story feel fresh. The concepts are original. The MC is written so well. She's likable. Relatable. She has a few moments of what I'd call immaturity, but who among us hasn't? She's not whiney. She's witty and intelligent.
The love interest doesn't overly stand out to me but it works. The romance element doesn't over shadow the plot. The bond to her family and friends remains important to her. It's a great balance. I always get worried a fantastic story is going to get lost in a mooshy romance that moves way too fast. This book is more adventure/fantasy than romance.
The mystery veil starts to drop pretty quickly. At one point I was thinking, how has Summer not figured this out? But in fairness, I don't think anyone in her position would be expecting the things that are revealed. The author is good, it wasn't oversight. In the first few pages I knew the author put time, work and her heart into this story. Everything she did was intentional. She really wrote a fantastic story.
The academy and how the humans fit in is really creative. It's intricately woven. And it's a big story. A big world with a lot characters. The world building is perfect. I could picture it perfectly without skimming pages of boring descriptions. The pacing is perfect. The first book covers a whole year. That's not easy to do without it feeling rushed.
I really prefer books written in first person. Unfortunately that runs the risk of way too much inner dialogue. That's not the case with Evermore Academy. It's more showing than telling. That's important.
I highly recommend!
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