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Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2017
Love the price and feel of this phone case. The only problem i have had is that it kind of turns yellow after a bit. I donmt smoke or anything so I have no idea why it is turning a different shade but it is. For the price though, its not bad at all

I have had this phone case for a while and it still does change to a yellowish color but it saved my
iphone 8 from cracking all over the place. I put it on top of the car and forgot about it and while I was driving it flew off the car. However, I thought it was an acorn for whatever reason and didn’t stop. Next thing you know i am racing back to the airport and find my phone on the side of the road with no cracks on it’s back. The case protected my phone and I was so happy as it was christmas eve and nothing was going to be open if it did mess up. I only have a slight scratch on the side but the case has it covered. So thankful for this case!!!
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