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Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2017
I now have 9 Hue white bulbs. The colored ones to me are not worth the extra cost. I have them in all lamps around my house, Reasons being... NO ONE TURNS OFF THE LIGHTS IN MY HOUSE! So... Now I can Keep a eye on them when home or not home and knowing everyone is in bed or at school turn things off so they are not left on all day. I has have two remotes, one for my bedroom, and one for the laundry room. The pull chain in the laundry room keep breaking, I replaced that light Socket 3 times in 3 years. I was done. I bought another hue bulb and remote and put the remote on the side of the washer magnetically. and Now I never have to worry about not having light there Both our room and the teenagers room have lights turned on slowly in the morning to make waking easier, and when Alexa timer goes off in the kitchen which I don't hear in the back of the house all the hue lights blink a few times. NO burnt cookies cause I had to run to the kids room to tell them something.
My lights are set up with IFTTT and when I come home after work at night my lights start coming on the patio and the front of the house so I walk in and can see where I am going. Love these lights so much. Oh When laying in bed at night I tell my GOogle Home "Good Night Google" and it turns EVERYTHING off so I don't have to run around and check.

When I work Nights I dont get home til it is time for my son to go out the door for school, so I Turn on his bedroom lights using google assitant to turn on his lights then i turn alexa on in the bathroom for music. We Run both google and alxea because if I am in the living room and tell alexa something the kitchen one or bathroom one turns on. So we have it mixed up :)
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