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Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2017
The content is great, you're going to learn a lot from this book. The book is huge which isn't a problem, but something you should note if you're deciding between the print and kindle versions. My main issues are with the format of the book and example problems.

First, I find it strange that they don't include a short chapter at the beginning about shortcuts. They probably did this because they didn't want to include both Windows and Mac shortcuts.

My recommendation to the author: Include a tear-out shortcut page in the beginning of the book for readers to reference.

Second, the example workbooks are inconsistent. All examples include a workbook with the solutions filled in, but only some examples offer a blank workbook for you to fill in yourself. In the cases where there is only the solved workbook available, it is easy enough to clear the cells yourself, but it spoils the fun a bit.

However, the main issue is that every example is in a separate workbook. Including a separate workbook for both the solutions and the blank workbooks. When you have 6+ examples per chapter, you have to open a minimum of 11 workbooks per chapter for 89 chapters which seems excessive. If you have the "Enable Editing" prompt enabled within Office, you will have to enable editing on each workbook individually which can be a pain.

My recommendation to the author: 1 workbook per chapter. Include separate sheets for each example and solution.

My recommendation to readers: Disable the "Enable Editing" prompt

Finally, there are some sloppy errors in the wording of some of the examples. For example, in one of the chapters they are talking about doing a 10 year forecast, but halfway through the example they switch from years to months. It's not that big of a deal, but it's this inattention to detail that makes you question the author's credibility.

My recommendation to John Pierce: As the editor, you should probably be more attentive if the author is going to name-drop you in the acknowledgments.

Even with these problems, I still have no problem recommending this book. If the author fixes these issues, I will gladly give this book 5/5. As it is now, this is a 3 star book.
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