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Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2018
Mary Roach continues her trend for delivering fun, funny, and informational popular science books. This time she tackles the science of sex and the history of sex research. Topics include:

• Why is there such historical resistance to sex researchers? ("Their lives are not easy. But their cocktail parties are the best.")

• Why do some people with spinal cord injuries get aroused only by genital stimulation? Why are others aroused only by viewing erotic films? Why are others unable to generate any sexual response at all? (It has to do with the location of the injury on the spine and the direction the electrical signals are traveling over the nervous system.)

• The man who has an orgasm every time he has a bowel movement ("He enjoyed his toilet")

• Do animals have orgasms? (The answer is often yes. Female chimpanzees can have an orgasm in only ten seconds, but unfortunately most male chimps climax in seven seconds or less.)

• The testicle grafting craze of the 1920's.

• Do short women have more orgasms than tall women? (Some research suggests the distance between vagina and clitoris, which is generally proportionate to height, may impact frequency of orgasms.)

• The French impotency trials of the 17th century.

• Some off-the-wall sex toys (includes the author's personal assessment of their effectiveness)

• Is there any correlation between the female orgasm and fertility?

• Has science proven gay couples have better sex than straight couples?

• Are women more turned on by porn than men? (Surprisingly, women have faster biological arousal responses to porn, but whether they are "turned on" is still a matter for debate. These physical responses register whether or not the women are watching images they might deem pleasurable. For example, images of animals copulating will affect a woman's physical sexual response even though she would presumably not be attracted to having sex with an animal herself.)

• Are rape fantasies more common in men or women?

Highly recommended.
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