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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2016
I personally roll my eyes when these people with "disposable income" say you NEED this or you can't live without that... Because, c'mon, who has "disposable" money.... So, now, here I am, head ducked in shame, about to scream the praises of an absolutely frivolous product... bear with me though...

This product is a MUST HAVE for families or parents with smaller children. I never thought of needing a sunshade until I had my daughter, who's now 16 months old and running away towards the water at the beach constantly. I will say that this is a bit more work to set up, it is NOT an instant up tent or umbrella style shelter. It takes about 5-10 minutes to set up alone, so I recommend leaving your little one in a stroller or, if you're lucky enough, have someone help. My personal recommendation is to set up and insert the 2 smaller poles at your vehicle, then once you're at the beach, insert the longer one. I would also say it's easier to pack up if you completely zip the front instead of leaving it open. The stakes worked wonderfully, even in direct wind. Having the ability to zip up the front and turn it into a changing room is amazing. I was actually able to get it back into the original package with little effort. Diaper changing, clothes changing, they are both SO much easier away from the sand and wind and sun. This shelter has saved us from having to leave for meal or nap time.. nap time is amazingly easy with the shelter. She's out of the sun, there is a lovely breeze, and, if needed, I can close up the entire shelter so she has a bit of privacy. On an adult level, it's awesome having somewhere you can store your belongings. The pockets are great for phones and drinks, as they're up and away from sand, the corners of the shelter are pretty deep, perfect for stashing a purse or bag out of sight. For me, having towels laid out without the wind whipping them and the sand that's stuck on is a HUGE bonus. I can't say enough good things about this shelter, it's honestly so convenient. I can't wait to use it this whole summer! I will be keeping it in my car along with our beach bag so we'll always be ready for an impromptu beach trip! (And, as an added bonus, I bought it when it was a Deal of the Day!)

Update: Over a year later, I'm still using this baby! It's great for making a full day out of a beach or park visit. There's enough room for 2 adults and 3-4 kids if you're OK being close. I've also noticed these being used for sporting events, with the short beach chairs inside.
My daughter is now 2.5 and we've used it to cover nap time and clothing changes multiple times this season. Has room for a picnic bag, a beach bag, a couple inflatables and us. Awesome for shade and a windbreak while applying sunblock or bug repellant, no sand getting stuck or flying around. I will say that, in direct sunlight, wrangling a toddler to change with the door and window zipped, it gets HOT quick!! Still super happy!! (The large pole did escape through one of the loops and ripped a hole in it, but it's on the fabric loop itself, not the tent)
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