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Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2013
The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible is a wonderfully done Children's Bible. The artwork is beautiful & made me feel like a kid again. My children are big fans of the Berenstain Bears books & TV shows, so they naturally loved this Bible.

I liked this Bible because it contained some Bible stories that I haven't read in other Children's Bibles, like the story of Esther & the tower of Babel. Also, the book is over 200 pages in length. The Berenstains put a lot of effort into this.

Not every story followed the Bible word for word, but I've never read a Children's Bible that was. I have always looked at these Bibles as great introductions for kids to get familiar with God's Word. I think the author took some creative licenses, but nothing that would prevent me from recommending it. An example would be in the story that dealt with the application of the lamb's blood upon the door posts in Exodus. Instead of saying blood, the author just said "red". There is a world of difference between the meanings of those two words, but I am not relying on this Bible to teach my children the whole of God's Word. That is my job & responsibility.

With that being said, overall this Children's Bible is worth getting. The illustrations are excellent & it's neat to see Biblical characters transformed into the world of the Berenstain Bears. Plus, my kids get excited to read it with me so it helps in three ways. #1 - They get excited to read the Bible. #2 - They get excited to just read. #3 - We get to spend time together as a family. For me, that is all I can ask for at this point in life.

You won't be disappointed if you get this.
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