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Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2019
I read the negative reviews and I don’t understand why people took the time to post them. If they resented the time they spent with the book, why spend more time trashing it?

I bought the book way back in October when I first heard about it, because I want to see how it goes - the IDEA of being able to have sales before a book even launches. I’m totally willing to fork over a whole DOLLAR just to watch along.

He sold 1836 copies of the book before it launched. If that’s “snake oil” then give me some. Have any of the negative reviewers ever sold 1800 books before they were launched? MOST of the books on amazon NEVER sell 1800 copies. So, come ON!

Yes, I agree that there is some (maybe even a lot of) fluff in the book - so what. Maybe he felt he had to tell stories to make points. Maybe he felt he had to fill in the “newbies”. I don’t care.

There are nuggets, like the freakin’ “PIXEL” chapter, that is, as he said, pure gold. The idea of being able to target people, or retarget people, without having to collect email addresses is H.U.G.E. I have spent thousands of $$ trying to collect emails and I am going to leap at this pixel suggestion. He could do a book on just this pixel thing and it would certainly be worth more than $0.99.

And I also want to be there when he does his debrief, or roundup, or whatever he calls it when he explains what worked and what didn’t.

So - I’m giving it 5 stars because he did what he intended to do, and I get what he is trying to show us what to do, and I think it’s going to save me a boatload of money.

One last thing - he sells other “stuff” and even his own “stuff” in the book. I think that’s AWESOME. I want to copy every bit of that - and use my book to sell other stuff also. Isn’t that what being an entrepreneur is about?
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