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Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2019
After reading the PowerScore Logic Games Bible, I improved from a -4 to a perfect 0 between the June and November 2018 LSAT exams. Overall, I improved from a 163 to a 168 which enabled me to receive a full merit scholarship at my target school.

What I loved about the Logic Games Bible is the granularity and meticulousness of PowerScore’s approach – breaking down lessons into smaller sub-lessons that are then each able to be digested and applied on the real test. The book is especially good at categorizing the distinct types and approaches for each game, so that when you face similar games on the real test, you will have a solid methodology for attacking it. The book is incredibly comprehensive (and heavy), including everything from frameworks for making inferences such as looking for numerical distributions to limit boards to a shorthand notation language of abstract symbols for capturing the greatest number of possibilities or templates. There are even unique game types that you can draw upon on test day.

In addition to doing the problems in the book, purchase LSAC’s practice tests and take diagnostics. Then refer to the PowerScore online forums for answer explanations.

Good Luck!!!!!
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