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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2019
I laughed at the beginning of this book - Sterling in love with a bubblegum popstar. Sterling the vampire who dresses in dark and leather and is edgy and snarky. But hey, Sterling will not be stereotyped. Mind you, the night turns to the bloody side, with humans dying all around them when Mona hits some... interesting notes while a silver light causes big issues. The Lorica is called, and Sterling, Asher and Dustin find themselves in situation-normal. Chaos.

This book started strong, then took its foot of the pedal for a while, but then the writing stepped back up again, building and bringing it home hard.

I missed Sterling in this instalment, he came in and out of the story, sure, but his usual back and forth banter with Dustin was mostly MIA. I guess his fragile side had to have a platform because these characters, while magic or paranormal, are not unbelievably OTT in their actions or their feelings for what they do and who they do it with. They're in the trenches together.

There was a new character fleetingly but importantly introduced, Sam, and I'd like to think that somehow, someway he can be reintroduced. Given he's theoretically kind of the antithesis of the Boneyard crew I'm not sure, but here's hoping. The nippy, fry-stealing little imp Scrimshaw is also welcome back.

Vanitas had good page time and I liked that his remodelling has made him more gleeful of the kill. Hmm, what demonic tinkering is this?

Mammon, Prince of Greed, collects on a debt, making Dustin work hard for the fulfilment of a contract - demon contracts being painful and detailed.

Shout out to the Esthers. Just something that made me grin.
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