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Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2020
So... snuggly? Yes. Super soft? Yes. Good size and big enough for an adult? Yes. Really cute & pretty patterns? Yes.
...But scented?
No. ):
I am very disappointed! I looooove fragrances and scented things. And I also love a good soft blanket. ^^ So when I came across a partial rebate for one of these Snuggle Sniff blankets, I was stoked! I had never heard of them before and they sounded and looked magical! All the colors & patterns were really pretty, and the scent options were all nice. It was a hard decision, but I decided on the Strawberry, my favorite fruit.
The first day of getting it, straight out of the package... nothing. None of the sweet, juicy strawberry scent I was looking forward to snuggling with. /:
No matter how or where I rub it, it gives off NO strawberry scent. I will say that every now and then I get a light whiff of the absolute faintest beginnings of what could be something that *wants* to be strawberry, but it’s so faded and distant and puny that it amounts to being non-existant. You have to really struggle to smell even that! The most powerful smell is just the polyester fabric it’s made from. ):
I’m not sure if the other scents are better or if I just got a bum blanket batch, but I have a great nose for fragrances, as does my hubby (he was actually worried about me getting this because he’s sensitive to fragrances), and neither of us can smell anything resembling a nice, or even mildly pleasant, strawberry. Just regular blanket smell and every so often the faded hint of “watered-down” (blanketed-down?) non-strawberry like described above. /: Hopefully this isn’t the way it’s supposed to be scented – so light that it’s not even there? What’s the point?! – because that’s just sad... and if so all other scent lovers out there are going to be strongly disappointed!
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