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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2016
TP Link is one of my best investment as of late. I read it didn't work with WEP encryption which nobody should be using this day and age (vulnerable). My router's security mode is WPA2-PSK (AES) 2.4 GHz and it works perfectly connected to my living room light. Inserted TP Link into socket, installed Kasa on my Android Aquos first, verified my email address, entered my network's Pre-Shared Key, named the connection (lights), enabled Kasa, accessed Smart Home (in Alexa's companion app), Then scrolled down to "Your Devices" clicked "Discover Devices" and the app did the rest. Can't exactly remember the words Alexa used to indicate the connection was a success, but she informs she found the Smart Home device.

TP-Link setup directions is not very clear; however, if you have patience like with all things computer you'll have no problem. Thus far I tend to purchase a few more for my home.

The delivery was on-time, packaging professional, and the installation wasn't step-by-step, but not terrible either. That's why I gave it 4 stars.

My bottom line is this is a product that does what its advertised to do, so if you're into home automation this is a great choice.

TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Works with Amazon Alexa, Controls Your Electronics From Anywhere (HS100)

Well, I recently purchased my second TP-Link Smart Plug because the first one performed so well. On February 28th I connected my second purchase and lo and behold both devices prompted they were "Offline." What the hell!! I've troubleshot both and the software on my Android phone. They both display; however, they are not responding. I hear a click, but no response from the lights.

I manually access Alexa's app and performed a discovery, she could not discover any devices. I've uninstalled Kasa, reinstalled, forgot both devices to no avail. Removed the second TP Link thinking the first one should perform as usual; but it didn't. What is the issue?

WHAT'S UP??? I purchased 2 of these and neither is working. One worked for approx. 2 months. To tell you the truth I'd gotten spoiled. I'm waiting now for over a month and still no word if this problem is on the verge of being resolved. By this silence does it mean that I can't trust this product or any other product to work with Alexa over the duration of 3 months? At the moment I have 2 paper weights. Still waiting!!!!

I'm just too through. I have two tplinks and neither works with Alexa. I'm amazed (maybe I shouldn't be) that I have not heard from the manufacturers of this product. Not one word. Not even in the forum. They could've gotten back to me and said try this, try that, but no . I'm assuming this product is working properly for others, so what occurred making my devices inoperable? My return window is over, but I would appreciate a reply.
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