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Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2015
Ill break up my review into two parts. The first part will be my general review with no spoilers!

Part 1:
I began to read this series about 6 days ago, and after I read the first book, "The Maze Runner," I was hooked. The whole idea of teenagers living in an unbeatable maze with no memory of any part of their part of their past was very intriguing to me. I wanted to know why they were there, what Thomas had to do with wicked before his memory was wiped, and what life was like outside of the maze. These questions had me turning pages all till 3 in the morning each night, making work unbearable the next day. The character building was pretty good because I felt like I had a deep connection with Minho, Newt, Teresa, Chuck, and even Frypan a little bit. However, character building almost abruptly ends after the first book.
The second book wasn't terrible, but it's where I began to see the red flags that this series was going downhill. My favorite character Minho started to act like a meathead who just wanted to punch people, Thomas meets a crank named Brenda and immediately starts to have feelings for her even though we don't know who she is, Thomas feels hate and betrayal towards Teresa because she kissed another boy to save his life, and by the end of the book none of my questions were answered. Instead I had even more questions, which really made me want to read the third book to figure this all out.
I finished reading, "The Death Cure," about two hours ago and I'm still angry. I've never read a series where the author refused to answer questions, that gave the only purpose to the books. There were times that characters would offer to tell him the answers, and Thomas would tell them he didn't want to hear it. I began to hate Thomas, not only for that, but because of all the irrational decisions he made throughout the third book. He is supposed to be the smartest one in the group, but I lost count at how many times I caught myself face palming at some of the things he said or did. I felt like he was running or fighting to get to every where he went, but every time he reached his goal nothing happened. It was the cliff hanger that kept hanging. Also, character building was non existent. All the characters I grew attached to barely played any role throughout the book and it got to the point where I wouldn't of cared if they lived or died. The same goes for Thomas too…
If you've already read the first two then I'm sorry you have wasted your money like me. As someone said in another review just read the WICKED memo at the end of book three. It basically sums up 300 pages of crap in two-three pages.

Part2: Spoiler Alert!!

As I'm writing this review I am only getting more and more angry. How could Dashner end this series without tell us anything? Is WICKED good or bad? Who really is Brenda? Where did the trans take them? Who is Chancellor Paige? Is WICKED going to find a cure? What was the whole point in even having the right arm in the book? Where did the trans take them? How could insane cranks take over a whole city by themselves? Why does Thomas not get his memory back but complains about not being about to remember things? The list goes on and on.
The whole book was a joke. I don't know if Dashner grew tired of writing the series or if something happened to him while he was finishing the book, but the fact is that the book is incomplete. There was no closure with this book and even during his pathetic attempt at closure he raised another unanswered question. After, everyone walked through the trans to "paradise," Thomas noticed Brenda typing in codes on the trans and he wondered how she knew what to type. But of course he shrugged it off like he did with every question posed in this book.

The two most infuriating things about this book were Tereasa and Thomas refusing to get his memory back. Teresa was non existent in this book. The female hero was replaced by a lying WICKED employee named Brenda… I hate her. I couldn't believe that Teresa wasn't even an after thought in this book. Thomas abruptly stopped obsessing over her on every other page and then she is killed by a big rock falling on her. Thomas didn't even care that she died… He was kissing Brenda only moments after seeing Teresa killed. I could go on and on about this but the next thing that upset me was Thomas refusing to get his memory back.
Throughout the first book all Thomas talked about was getting his memory, but then refuses to get it back from WICKED and then Hans. He says that he doesn't want to remember his past self after what he's been through. Well thats all fine and dandy but his past self has the answers to all the questions that he has. It all made no sense at all. Once he refused his memories for the second and final time I pretty much just skimmed through the rest of the book. I was over it. I wasted to much time and money on this series and I regret it completely. How this book received an overall 4/5 stars is just beyond me…Rant over
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