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Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2016
I haven't found anything else as good as Nite Ize cases. The cases themselves are very durable. The clips will absolutely not let go of your belt. This is important to me as I have narrowly avoided running over my phones with farm equipment when they came unclipped from my belt and fell off the back of the tractor. This case fits my Galaxy S6 Active very well, and after a year, it still looks good. I specifically wanted this case, because I HATE the swivel hook. Because of the swivel design, it is not attached to the case as well. I have ripped the swivel hooks off (told you I'm rough on my phones). I've never had a fixed hook fail. It REALLY annoys me that the swivels are all you can find anymore, because I really do hate them. I was glad to find this one. This is a very sturdy case.

HOWEVER! The "velcro" doesn't hold up, especially not to smart phone use. With my earlier flip phone cases, I didn't have the phone in and out as often, so the lousy, cheap hook-and-loop stuff didn't wear out as fast. I've had this case less than a year, and the "velcro" (I put it in quotes, because actual Velcro is a good deal sturdier) looks like a cat scratching post on the way to the dump. It only barely holds the flap down, so even though I'm confident in the clip, I'm less sure that the flap will keep the phone in. I'd hate to see a $600 phone destroyed because Nite Ize wanted to save $0.12 by using "velcro" instead of Velcro. I'm considering doing some detailed dismantling and sewing to see if I can replace the cheap stuff with actual Velcro. It's a great case, and worth the effort. I just wish Nite Ize had thought so.

UPDATE: 11-6-2017: I have bought a replacement case, and evidently Nite Ize has upgraded the hook&loop pads they use. The new case has gone for almost a year, and the "velcro" is still quite capable of holding the flap closed, and doesn't look as frayed as the previous case did after the same amount of time. I've upped the stars from 3-4. It would be 5, but for the previous case, its lousy "velcro" and no certainty that the cases anybody else gets might have the same problem.
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