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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2019
I really love my kindle (or should I say kindles) I am a avid reader (a book in a day or 2) it is always with me. but Ill explain why only 4 stars
my first kindle husband bought as a present from box store in April of 2012, (NOTE w warrenty) and I was hooked.. THAT original Kindle, was replaced for a bad charge port 8/12 (4 months old, and when replaced you get a refurbished model) and replaced again 4/2013 (8 months) and last time in 11/2013 (7 month) didnt think they'd replace so I bought another 11/2013 and packed it away when they did replace for third time. When I started using the one bought and put away, it lasted until 7/2017, that one the screen got smashed, so I had to order another 5/2018. come to the middle of June 2019 (again..sigh) so I was determine to see if the 4-5 I had could be reused...oh the 2nd one that wasnt a replacement from 2013 that lasted till 2017, that is the one I am currently using, unknown to me, my husband ordered another from Amazon, this i the one I am reviewing. it will be put away until the 2013 model dies again..
My point is spend the extra 10-12 bucks for square trade protection plan, its worth it. Amazon knows there is a problem with charging ports, and unless you have extended warrenty its only covered for 90 days.
and take care of it, as I said avid reader, I love amazon and my kindle, it gets knocked around on my night stand, in car (read on work breaks) ect.
and do your research, google bad charge ports for kindle, there are complaints but also ALOT of suggestions for how to repair yourself. even with the problems I have had, I always try to repair or buy new because I have ALOT of reading to do :)
I hope this helps someone else
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