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Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2012
I am much less impressed with this series than my 8 year old.

The writing overall is really lousy.

The characters are weakly drawn and undeveloped.

The most offensive part to me though is the ridiculous focus on "crushes" and jealousy among the main characters, who are nearly equally ridiculous in their covetous of popularity and, especially in this title, physical "beauty." Over and over again this book and others in the series points out to girls that boys are attracted primarily to physical beauty and care little or nothing for anything beyond that. It's unfair to both genders and offensive to me as a parent.

This book, even more so than others in the series, focuses primarily on beauty - even when the authors try to prove that it's okay not to outwardly conventionally beautiful, they fall short because the writing is so lousy - the main message I took away from this book is that if you want boys to like you, you have to subscribe to traditional conventions of female beauty and, even then, most boys are jerks. Secondarily, it reenforced the idea that all girls are in competition over the affections of boys and that you really cannot trust other girls, even your close friends, because they really just want to steal away your crush - and, to bring it full circle, your crush is probably the biggest thing in your life unless like Athena (in this book) you don't yet understand how vitally important it is to moon over boys all day - and then, your friends will try to help you see the light - but not if that means boys will like you better...etc etc...

It's too bad that the authors did not take this opportunity to focus on the idea of beauty being more than skin deep - but that really doesn't come up at all.
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