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Reviewed in the United States on February 19, 2015
I am currently experiencing topical steroid withdrawal. I had a small amount of eczema that was treated with topical steroids prescribed by my dermatologist. It worked for a while.. but then it didn't. So he gave me stronger steroids. They worked for a while too. Then they didn't. It got to the point that the lower portion of both legs as well as the backs of both hands were covered in an oozy mess of red raw skin. Gross, painful, itchy. I found and decided to stop using topical steroids. I am almost 5 months off them and I have used these cotton gloves almost daily for most of that time. My skin has cleared up quite a bit from five months ago. I rarely have ooze any more and my hands are about 75% healed. I put zinc cream on my worst spots and then cover my hands with these gloves overnight. I also have cut the fingertips off and worn them under cute fingerless gloves at work to prevent questions about my bad skin. I bought several packs and have put them through the wash. They don't last forever but I can several uses out of them. It's well worth it to me.
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