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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2019
I have a lot of little things - my boys call me "super dad" and it's kind of an insult usually because I have gadgets and doodads and therefor a lanyard and often - cargo shorts for keeping track of these things which they sometimes find embarrassing. I find it to be the perfect companion to a backpack because there are a lot of things I put in a backpack which I have a hard time finding in there later when I need it. Thing is - I AM a super-dad in so far as I'm a technophile and also responsible for organizing, maintaining and fixing many of the logistical or mechanical issues that come up for a family of four. So I have a backpack that is my daily driver, but I feel like it's a bit of a Mary-Poppins handbag. I often have a hard time getting lost in there trying to locate the thing I know is in there somewhere. Maybe it's a double A battery for a mouse, or a leatherman with a phillips screwdriver attachment I need. But where did I put it? Well this organizer solved this problem in a way I didn't know could be solved. I enclose all of my whosits and whatsits in the layers of this thing which - once un-folded makes finding anything a piece of cake, thanks to the layered, display design of the thing. Unlike Mary Poppins handbag however, it's holding capacity is not unlimited. It's a good balance perhaps though if you consider, making it larger would make it too big for it's use, and making it smaller would make it insufficient. So some of you will sometimes wish it was bigger - but then that's what the large sections of a backpack or what have you are for. Other's will feel it's abundant for their needs if their super-dad status is less than my own for example.
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