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Reviewed in the United States on October 12, 2018
This book was exciting to find but I should have read the reviews before purchasing. There is only one review that gives a valid reason for the book not being a good educational tool and I would have listened to that but I was so excited to find this series because the titles hint at some great discussions we should all be having with our children like self control and the idea that people should be able to listen to children who say "no" when they need autonomy (I was way off on my assumption of that one). I shouldn't have judged the book by its title. The "traditional" gender roles and the continually calling out binary genders and the fact that 98% of the people in the books have white skin is just the beginning of the issues I take with the way this is written. I took a label maker to mine in order to use it because I really do like the baseline idea and I paid way too much for it to just throw it away. This book in particular uses good/bad to describe actions and choices. I don't like using those "either, or" idea with children because it gives them the idea that they can be either good or bad...not a mixture of human struggles and urges that they need to learn about. Putting a moral label on things that children choose to do is not helpful to children, it' shaming. We need to educate children about impulses being a human experience and talk about controlling urges, not telling them that "bad things are bad and good things are good." I straight up taped one whole problematic page together to make it go away- the page that tells children that they need to smile at everyone they see and say "HI!" to them like we all need to trust every stranger we ever meet and always act happy to other people. That's just not true. If a child is having a sad day they need permission to have those feelings and get through them with our help. I found the moral messages attached to the writing to be scary and intimidating for kids and not helpful as we learn about what it is to be kind so I just wrote over over half of it. Good luck with yours if you purchase. Teaching kids just to "be good" for the sake of just being good and not bad is not enough. And, yes, at the end I hardly had to correct anything because the author finally got around to using the word "kind" instead of "nice" (acting "nice" is something that people use to manipulate...kindness is something that comes from within).
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