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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2017
The strips into which the paper shreds are quite large -- large enough that you could actually read a whole twelve-point font on each shred. It's adequate security for those of us who don't expect the FBI to analyze our trash content, but compared to the last cross-cut shredder I had at a similar tier (a Royal CX80 Cross Cut Shredder), this is disappointing.

It really is a LIGHT DUTY machine. It jams easily, and will stop without the overheat indicator lighting. It might be unfair to remove a star because the machine, which pretty much advertises itself as light duty, proves that it actually is. But I've had two other ostensibly light-duty shredders which were robust than this one.

It otherwise is a decent shredder. The design, where the mechanical unit just sits on top of the bucket, is good: You can line the bucket with a plastic bag, and if the bucket fills and starts pushing the shredder up, you can still empty the unit without getting shredded paper all over the place, as might happen with a unit that uses a drawer or tilt-bin. The unit is quiet. The motor runs a full second or so after it finishes with the last page, so if you feed more paper in, the motor cycles less than if it were to shut instantly. This also allows the paper to get all the way through the shredder even if it were fed at an angle. I've shred some solid cardstock without problem, and it seems to be true to its eight-sheet capacity of normal weight paper, for the most part, with some qualification. I do shred in volume -- more than is appropriate for these small machines -- so I might demand more than it's designed for.
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