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Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2019
I've only made a few dishes, but we love it so far. I can get rid of my dehydrator and Instant Pot now that we have this. BUT, BUT, BUT!!!! Be careful with power!!! This thing is a beast and rated at 1760W!!! My microwave is rated at 1700W and has its own circuit breaker. The Foodi tripped our circuit breaker and fried our GFCI power receptacle. It powered on for less than a minute. The circuit breaker it was on also had the refrigerator on it as well. Thankfully, we are pretty handy and replaced out the receptacle so that we didn't lose any food in the fridge. We just found another outlet on another breaker that wasn't supporting something large and vital. We live in a new built home so it is not an old wiring our outdated receptacles just uses a lot of power. We've used other large devices on that same outlet, but nothing over 1400W.
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