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Reviewed in the United States on June 12, 2019
Disclaimer: installing the google play store is somewhat advanced, it is not something that you just click on and find, and you definitely will not be installing it from anything amazon offers or has.

People complaining that it sucks because it doesn't have google play store, YES YOU CAN PUT IT ON THERE STILL. It purposefully does not come on these. Because amazon markets them and google is a competitor to amazon. At the end of the day, these tablets are built on top of android, they run android as the operating system, so yes you can put the google play store on it. I have done it on 5 of these new kind fires and it works great. There is a youtube video on it, just google it.

If you do not know how to install an app from an unknown source like downloading from the internet and installing an app, then maybe it's not for you if you are needing it for the sole purpose of google play. If you are a technical person, and like to learn, you will be just find and will figure it out. I bought these tablets for the sole purpose of needing a bunch of cheap square point of sale terminals. These tablets are the cheapest and best quality/hardware that you will find if you are looking for something like that. There are a bunch of chinese tablets for this price that are 10x worse and unreliable. These all new kindle fires are reliable, cheap, and amazing quality. I would recommend the kindle fire 7 any day.

Again, my sole purpose was using them for putting the google play store on it, and downloading square, and a hand full of other apps. My use case for these tablets are most likely a lot different than most peoples.
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