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Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2018
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. These books are about how the owner of a BDSM Club in the wilds of Scotland met his submissive and the wedding that follows. Of course several guests are members of the Dungeon Fantasy Club, interacting with the wedding planners, gown designers, and relatives of the bride and groom. Book 1 is Her Highland Master, where Zoey gets lost while looking for her Bed and Breakfast while on vacation in Scotland, ends up at Declan's Manor, where they fall in love and are getting married. Book 2 is Master & Defend, the story of Ophelia, Zoey's sister who wants to bring her back to California to help support her after she got pregnant by a one-night stand while visiting a BDSM club with some friends. Tobias, the man who rescued her from a guy trying to force her into a scene, knows Declan and is doing some security work for his club in Scotland and meets Ophelia again and they continue their affair...Book 3 is Two Doms for Kara, where the wedding planner, Kara has two partners who are bi-sexual, but they want a woman to share and both have agreed Kara is the perfect sub for them. Book 4 is His Driven Domme where Zoey's best friend Lucy decides to travel to Scotland to physically bring Zoey back home even if she has to roofie her...then she sees the Dungeon, which awakens her inner Domme with a vengeance. She meets another Dom, Jesse a race car driver who got another driver seriously injured while he was driving in a race after taking a pain pill. Lucy really intrigues him so he decides to pull a switch and becomes her submissive most of the time....Book 5 is Her Country Master where NYC bridal dress maker Elise is taken with western rancher Tyler an original member of the Dungeon Fantasy Club. He was married for a short time to a city girl and has reservations. She has been bombarded by a Bridezilla who had 25 changes to a gown and wanted another, so put in all sorts of bad reviews which made Elise so nervous she couldn't eat and barely functioned until Tyler took control of his new sub....Book 6 is Love Me, Master Me about opera singer Delilah who has body image problems thanks to a cheating ex-boyfriend/manager who always told her to lose weight. She is blindsided by an Australian Rocker, Bastian who thought she had the most beautiful voice he ever heard and the best breasts he had ever seen, so set out to make her his. They even sang a duet which he wrote to the bride and groom....Book 7 deals with Hunter who told Declan bad information about Zoey which almost derailed their affair. Hunter was one of several victims of a man from the PR firm where Zoey worked, who sold confidential information to the press about celebrities and made it seem like Zoey did it. He really needed to apologize to Zoey about the mistake. As he was arriving, he sees a ghost from his past, Declan's cousin, Veronica. Hunter and Veronica had a history, a two month affair 10 years back when her was in Scotland doing a show for television. She was not happy to see him and didn't realize he would be at the wedding or she wouldn't have she was keeping a secret from him....and Book 8 which is Her Wired Dom, which is the story of Katarina, a ballet dancer friend of Declan's and Will, who grew up with Zoey and Ophelia. Will is built like a lumberjack, but is a geek at heart, developing gaming software including a BDSM virtual game. Kat is a Prima Ballerina in NYC but at 31, needs to retire before she succumbs to injury After the wedding where they hit it off but he declines her offer for more, they meet again when she is on tour in LA. She meets him again at Tobias' club, but again he would not give her the discipline she wants as he was scarred from a past event where a sub got hurt by him....these books were well worth the read, but keep in mind all are full length so plan on marathon reading....
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