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Reviewed in the United States on March 5, 2013
I will leave my original review below but had to come back to edit it. I was home one Saturday when the Amazon Kindle Team called me because they saw my review. The really nice tech person on the phone said YES, you can make the text much larger. Just fast double tap on the text and it gets large and very readable. Tap and it goes back. I was incredibly impressed with the fact they they called ma and the solution works perfectly. They did not ask me to change or edit my review but I decided that so many people were missing out because they didn't know how to make the text bigger. It is a great story and now, really great on the Kindle. Below is the original review.

Let me be clear - the story and illustrations are terrific. This is the book that every single night my toddler asks me to read. He loves the story and has a few sentences memorized that he loves to say at the right time in the story.

The problem is with the Kindle edition. The text is so tiny the first time I wasn't even sure I could make out the words. You can't change the type size here, unlike regular Kindle books. Thankfully I almost have the story memorized but I still stumble occasionally because the words are just so darn small.

I should note that I didn't think I would like using the Kindle to read to my toddler in bed. I love the Kindle for myself but I thought I mistakenly thought that I would miss having real books for my younger son -- especially since we have possibly hundreds of books from my older son. I was wrong. Once he passed two and could resist toughing the screen the Kindle has been great. I can lay in bed and have all the books at my fingers so he can easily select what to read. When we travel I bring my Kindle for both of us and not a bag full of books. It doesn't entirely replace the books we have but it is a great alternative that provides tremendous flexibility when necessary.

The issue I mentioned above is only for some children's books; others the text is fine. I haven't figured out a sure-fire way to tell before purchase. To be honest, I would suggest that this should be the responsibility of the Kindle Team at Amazon. If the text needs to be fixed for some books (and I am sure I don't appreciate the technological issues with that) then they need to do a realistic assessment if the resulting type for any given book is acceptable.

Again, five stars for the story and illustrations, but only two stars for the Kindle edition execution.
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