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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2019
I have the Metric & SAE sets in both regular and extended sizes. I am trying very hard to like these wrenches, but overall maybe I am too much of a tool snob to be in love with them. I will provide a pro/con (this applies to all the Gearwrench (GW) long ratcheting double box wrench sets):

1) Reasonable price
2) Good chrome and finish
3) Nice holder (fits in tool box drawers perfectly)
4) Overall, seems to work OK

1) Wrenches are just not thick or strong enough. They bend and flex all over the place (especially the smaller sizes under about 17mm) and this can be very unnerving if you value your body parts.
2) Fit is not the best. This series of GW's has more slop in the fixed box end than ANY of the box ends on my other 12 point wrenches (I have Proto, SK, Heyco, Wright, Dewalt, & Wera besides GW).
3) I am having a very hard time believing these wrenches are forged correctly or made from quality steel. I have some pretty nice wrench sets and they all ring out when struck, except for these double box GW's. Though not scientific, it seems like ringing is a sign that the part is stiff and has been heat treated properly. I wonder if these GW's are either made by another method (e.g., casting, sintering, etc.), or just use crappy soft steel (possibly why they flex so much). These double boxes just go "tink" when you strike them on another metal surface. They do not ring out and to me this is a sign that GW cheaped out on these particular wrenches. I have other GW regular combination wrenches that do "ring out" when it is really just a complaint about these double box sets and not the entire GW line.
4) Returned 2 sets for bent wrenches out of the box...poor quality control. But, I have also had this problem with the "premium" brands as well.

If GW would make these have a thicker beam and better tolerance on the fixed non-ratcheting box end...they would really be a great set of wrenches. As is...only 3 stars.

I want the Snap On sets of non-ratcheting long zero degree double box wrenches...but they are simply too expensive for a DIY person like myself ($600 for both Metric & SAE sets).
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