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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2019
The family member this was purchased for went to use it this with their PS4 Pro and Xbox One S game systems. When it was set up, the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro would not both work. The PS4 Pro, which was in input 1 worked fine. But the blue light for the input of the Xbox One S, which was in input 2, would blink off and at the same time the light for Input 1 would blink red. When this happened, the screen would go dark until the input 2 blue light would come up again. We tried disconnecting everything, including the power supply which was included, and reconnecting them one at a time then after powering up the device again. We also tried about 10 other things that did now work.

Now aside from the problems I've obviously had with this, it's seems to be very poorly constructed. It's small, which isn't a bad thing, but it's made of incredibly cheap plastic and does not seem very durable at all. Even though it is small, you still need a considerable amount of room for it as the ports for the output (to TV) and the input 5 port are on the right and left sides of the device. This means you need enough room on either side for the length of the HDMI cable and it makes cord management extremely unpleasant and the area around it unsightly. Also, after pulling off the sticky plastic on top, like what you find on the front of cell phones when you first get them, it left sticky streaks all over the visible top of the device making it even more unseemly. Still, we could deal with all of these other issues if it only worked the way it was supposed to.
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