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Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2016
PC/Mac technician here. I was looking for a new display for my benches that fit a few requirements... I have multiple displays(solo display on each separate work bench).
1. Must be a new display from this year(2016) - this one being first available March 30th, 2016 on Amazon).
2. Must be an IPS panel.
3. Must have HDMI, DVI and VGA.
4. Must look modern and sleek.
5. Must have a matte display(no gloss or glass).
6. Must have a VESA mount(which this DOES NOT!! - NOTE TO ACER - provide a VESA mount to snap in instead of the desk base stand with each display!!!). Or sell it for $5.00
7. Must have a 3-year warranty.

This Acer R221Q display fit almost all of my needs. There are third parties that sell a WAY over priced VESA mount bracket that snaps in place of the included desktop base stand for $30 or so. Again - Acer! Include a VESA mount!!!
Having a friend who works with metal, we fabricated a gently curved piece of 1.5" wide flat steel and tapped it for 2 of the 4 standard VESA mount holes and tapped it for the 2 screws that hold part of the stand that it comes with. This solution = all original parts and the included stand can be re-installed if ever it were to be desk mounted with out any altering of the stock parts. It's very sturdy because this display weighs so little. It's securely attached with only 2 screws into a 100mm vesa mount attached to my bench(articulating arm type screwed to a vertical support).

Oh right, back to the review of this display...
For years I have sworn by Dell's premium UltraSharp displays - Dell no longer offers UltraSharp's in anything less than a 24" now. 24" is too large for my bench setup. Since Dell wasn't an option, I figured I'd take a gamble and try out this NEW Acer R221Q which had no reviews. I found a Viewsonic(which had VESA) but it's "new" and a 2012 model so that was not considered).

This display is super thin depth wise and weighs so little compared to the 8 year old 19" Dell it replaced. It has a matte finish and is of high quality.
The bulk of the depth is towards the 1/3 of the bottom of the back of the display where the VGA, DVI and HDMI and power are. It really looks nice mounted on my bench. The menu system is a little clunky compared to Dells and the power button(and other buttons - which are mounted at the bottom of the screen) feel very flimsy, but operate ok. Time will tell how these buttons hold up - 3-year warranty makes me less concerned.
The display comes with a VGA cable and an HDMI cable - no DVI cable included. I did notice compared to my older Dell the auto input sensing is far quicker than the Dell display had.

I am very pleased with this display. Because it's a "zero frame" as they call it, it has a very narrow "frame" around the border(3/8" black border). Because of this slimmer frame it is only about 2" wider(facing the display) than the 19" widescreen it replaced and very much slimmer depth wise - one reason for it's weight loss compared to displays of old is lack of VESA mount thread inserts and the power supply is a brick instead of being built-in to the display. The top 2/3 of the back of the display depth-wise is only 1/4" thick - which is awesome!
That and modern manufacturing has led to very lightweight panels. This makes for a sleek slim display that looks awesome on my bench - I will be ordering more shortly. I will post a picture of the Dell/Samsung displays this R221Q will be replacing so you may see a comparison shot of 7/8 year old tech versus current tech(after I order more).

The only negatives I have are:

VESA MOUNT!!! - please include one acer!!
HDMI looks flickery(because it is) having hooked up 3 different PCs(1 desktop, 2 laptops) the video flickers on the HDMI port. I will test this with the next 2 I order to see if it's this specific one I received or something to be concerned with and update this review.
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