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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2020
ok i ive bought this phone cause im tired of the screen breaking water geting into/ on to the phone and shorting them out... this phone on the other hand is JUST a phone theres nothing more special about this phone than other phones other than its potentially able to go under water and has features that assist with so. other than that the screen breaks like most other phones hit on the side its still able to be broken yes it does have protection on the sides but nothing more than any phone with its standard case most phones come with and you are unable to increase to protection due to theres nothing you can buy to add on cause otherwise it make the phone really bulky. So a little bit about my phone that I paid for well its glichy, it's not often but does freeze up on me, and some apps dont work on this phone games/ and other normal apps you might use i have a few my phone would not use at all, and call recorder, thats a big one for my due to crazy ex and needing to record her issues for legal reasons. but im sitting at my desk and knocked it off and it fell maybe only 3ft 6 inch most! so it hit bottom left side on the ("bumper guard") and just shattered like i dont mean a crack i mean this thing was like fast n furious 6 over exaggerated the whole thing, screen pieces from bottom end went out everywhere. truthfully it was a murder scene. will not recommend this phone cause like ive only at most dropped my phone max probly only 4-6 times and ive had cheaper phone hold up to that.
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3.7 out of 5
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