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Reviewed in the United States on November 7, 2016
Minor(?) spoilers ahead…

I’m a big fan of both Martelle’s Free Trader and Cygnus series. I was hoping Cygnus #2 would include something about the ship Cygnus-12 finding its way to Earth. Turns out that’s not to be in this book. Okay, I can wait for it.

In all his other series books there’s always some form of closure or resolution to each book’s story arc. Sure, there’s usually one or two hints planted about some mystery that will be revealed in a future book in the series, which is okay because it’s just a seed that’s been planted.

What I didn’t like at all about Cygnus #2, which left me very disappointed? Almost the entire book revolved around an unknown conspirator who was trying to kill Cain while he is establishing his planet’s first ever marine corp (other than the very end of the book which involved a return to Concordia). The culprit is never revealed. Seriously? A 400 page book almost completely dedicated to speculating about who is behind these nefarious acts and there’s no closure at all, in any way, not even the tiniest bit? After spending all that time reading about it? Nothing? Seriously? Not cool!!

Aside from this, I would whole heartedly recommend both series to readers as I’ve found them to be totaling engaging. It’s just this one book that I’ve found disappointing so far (although I do like Cain’s new hillcat Brutus).

P.S. One more irritation; not sure why Cain loves Aletha so much. In the first book, he decides to leave for the service and she’s like “yeah, whatever, see ya later.” Doesn’t seem like a loss for her at all. In book #2 she’s happy to see him as she walks up to the house and wants to kiss him when she thinks he’s married then when he says he’s no longer married she shoves him away and asks him what he wants from her (although there is some hanky panky after that). I think someone needs to smack some sense into Cain.
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