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Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2020
Update: Customer service is 10 star service and reached out to me with assistance several times but I kind of had lost my steam in the attempt. It may be helpful to know that most routers are dual band and will show the same network name, one with 5G -- the other is 2.4G. The same issue existed for me when I tried to connect to 2.4G on my Galaxy S8 -- going through all the app steps was fine, it appeared to talk to my network and lights, until the last step when it said to connect to the app network. Upon continuing, it kicked me off any connection, back to my phone 5G. I hope the seller works a little harder on a smoother setup -- even if I could bypass my default phone setting, I have reason to believe I would be stuck on 2.4G indefinitely for the app to work (e.g. doesn't seem like connecting it once, then going back to my faster network to use the app control is logical). It did connect with Alexa, but she also needs to talk to the app so for me, it was a circular fail.

Other than that, the product itself for the price is a 5 star product using the remote, but don't count on Alexa or Google.
Well I spent 2 precious hours trying to connect these lights to the app, then to alexa. I have a dual band router and followed the steps to try and get the app to recognize the light, connecting to the 2.4 gHz band with no luck. I changed my router settings to 'auto' channel (and it picked 11 which on the extended app help said won't work), then selected channel 1.

To note, we don't have any of our devices connected to 2.4, just the 5g for internet, etc.

Remote works fine so everything is functioning perfectly, except alexa which is the reason I purchased these.
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