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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2020
this movie starts slow, thaas why i gave it a 4,
it was getting really boring, at first, a family that lives at the end of the block
nothing new right, than a new people bu y the house across the street from them,
who buys a house sight unseen? thats what they are asking, so when the moving trucks show up
Karen hides behind the curtains and spies on the people to see who they are and she finds
out, there up to something and then one day the new couple , the john's show up
to Karen and her hubby's house , they talk and make friends
then a few days later , Karen follows Mrs Jones to the mall, and watches her to see what she is doing
she sees something and hoes back and reports it ti her husband , he is a the head of HR, so he knows how to
tel when people are telling lies, skip to another day, as it raps up the Jones and Karen all say good night
well , the Jones house blows up, than the action and all kinds of weird and funny stuff comes to life
and the Karen and her husband end up being part of it and not by choice mind you!
things all get worked out and the Jones decides to move on, but Karen and her husband has decided
they are neighbors and friends they can come stay with them and you got to see what happens
it may seem like the movie is over, but just a second and it will be next summer and something else happens again, , if you need a good belly laugh, watch this show! you get to see gal gadot in a linger shot and then again in a girl on girl lip lock, its all fitting for the movie at it point and you will see why, it wil all make sense even if some parts do not!! you will not be sorry, if you watch the movie!!
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