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Reviewed in the United States on July 23, 2020
I ordered 2 Pro Cases, 1 for my iPad and 1 for my daughter’s iPad. They were different sizes since my daughter’s iPad was an older model.

When they both came in they both snapped on and performed as expected. They were comfortable to hold and were very durable. Closing the fold sent the iPad to sleep quickly and when opened brought it out of sleep. Good performance, but that’s where to good ended and the bad consumed the rest of the product.

My Pro Case arrived smelling horribly of dead fish. I figured it was probably shipped from China on a freight ship or something and some how crossed paths with a load a dead fish. Maybe Godzilla had spilled some table scraps onto to shipping container housing my Pro Case after feasting on a nearby fishing rig, who knows?! The rest of it seemed durable and performed, so I figured it would be cleanable and I could work with it.

I used it for a week or so and the smell got ever worse. It was so smelly my nose would die and then revolt again as it was brought back from the grave by the very same stench that killed it but wouldn’t let it rest. I brought it to work and my coworker asked if I had a rotten fish in my lunch bag because he could smell it from the next desk over. I had to sadly inform him it wasn’t a dead fish because I would be able to simply throw it away if it were and be rid of this plague.

I decide to up my game since my wife was starting to consider divorcing me over the smell of my iPad case. How was I supposed to explain to the judge that I should be able to keep custody of my daughter if there was a very real chance my daughter might die from the smell of my iPad? So, since I was at rock bottom and hadn’t even taken up drinking heavily, I decided I would wash this stupid case.

I started out gently by hand washing the case with warm water and concentrated laundry soap, twice. No dice, although I did get a weird orange-brown oil out of it at first. I then soaked the thing in vinegar for a day before washing it again two more times with more concentrated laundry soap. Still foul beyond words. I decided if I couldn’t get the smell out I would mask it. I got concentrated lemon scented stain remover and soaked the thing in it, rinsed it, soaked it again for a day, rinsed it, washed it once more with the stain remover and did a final rinse off. It smelled very strongly of lemons; so much better. I hung it to dry out over night. There was some promise of hope to be had finally!

I started using the case again. However, between 2 and 3 days later the lemon fresh scent dissipated to the point that it was no longer sufficiently serving its purpose. The lemon scent is still there and strong, but it simple couldn’t overpower the pure evil stench that had been contracted from the devil himself. The stench seemed to draw power from my misery and grows stronger by the day.

At this point in my life, between the alimony, child support, and ever mounting medical bills, all arguably resulting from the undefeatable foe, I’ve given up on this Pro Case. It sit on a shelf in a sealed air tight ziplock bag. I’m currently trying to rebuild my life from the ruined shambles that remain with the hopes that there is still good in this world that can be enjoyed.

My daughter’s Pro Case doesn’t seem to be possessed by these same demons since my wife still lets her live in the same house. So there’s a half chance in my book that you might escape these plights.

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