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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2019
Awful for me. This book honestly makes me furious. Before baby, I was 100% on board with this method. Then baby was born. She was a difficult to schedule baby, not a great sleeper, fussy. I tried and tried to do this to NO avail. I set alarms to WAKE her up (my precious sleeping angel!) from naps to feed her on a schedule so she would be "more likely to sleep through the night". Ridiculous. She still slept poorly at night. And I was needlessly more exhausted. I kept saying, "This feels so wrong to wake my sleeping babe." And I'm convinced some babies are just easier, and some are more challenging. This book essentially tells you that you will be GUARANTEED to have a happy baby who inconveniences you very little and sleeps through the night at 8 weeks of age. Bull. I stressed out so much over this and worked so hard and doubted myself so much. To the point of breaking down to my OB and getting Zoloft. This book ruined the first few months with my baby. Truthfully. I gave it to Goodwill but almost burned it so as not to subject another mom like me to this. Once I let go of this and began following my baby, I became so much happier and so did she! I nurse her to sleep every night and on demand, and now at 9 months she sleeps through the night ON HER OWN. I'm sorry, but babies are babies. They change your life. They exhaust you. They are hard. So hard. The first year is just tons of growth and ups and downs and rapid changes. But, they grow up and change and improve, whether you do BW or not. I realize it works wonders for some. But for me, it was honestly one of the worst things that ever happened to me. It felt SO unnatural. So please, if it doesn't "work" for you and you're stressed out or confused... Please know that it's okay! Your baby is going to grow up and do great. I am SO glad now that I nursed my baby to sleep a lot, I rocked her and held her when she needed it, I nursed her when she cried for it, I didn't let her scream alone... I am SO glad I did a complete 180 from this book (that I was so adamant about before). It went against ALL my motherly instincts, and it felt so wrong for my baby. ***Here's what I think: you're the mom. You do you. Do what works for you. If it's this, great. If it's not, great. You're the best mom for your baby! Not a book...

(Bottom line: I hate this book with every fiber of my being.)
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