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Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2020
I do not review often, but when I was looking for a new screen cover I saw some negative reviews of this product. My experience with this screen cover has been great. I bought the two pack for my LG V20 VS995 Android phone. There was a sealed installation kit containing two alcohol pads, two microfiber cloths and two dust plotter, alignment stickers. The two glass covers we're packed inside padded skeaves. I read the directions carefully, used the alcohol pads and cloth to clean the screen. The directions did not explain what the alignment stickers were for. What I did was install one alignment sticker on the cover, I then lined up the glass cover on the phone and then stuck the cover down on the bottom edge with the sticker. This allowed me to properly align the cover prior to removing the clear plastic over the sticky parts of the cover. To explain, the cover has a thin black border that is used to stick the cover to the phone. The glass is not sticky only the thin border. Once I had the cover aligned using the alignment sticker, I removed the plastic backing and stuck the cover down. Worked perfectly. This was the best cover I have used. Most require you to push out bubbles. Since the glass is not sticky there are no bubbles. I stored the remaining glass cover and installation kit for when I need to put another cover on the phone.

To sum up, I would buy this cover again in the future.
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4.4 out of 5
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