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Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2016
I'm a music lover. I have about 4 cd cases that are completely filled up and I needed a larger one that I could use to put more cd's into. My other cd cases were generic cheap cases I got at the dollar store for a couple bucks. And those dollar store cases have stood up to wear and tear but I was just running out of space. I couldn't find anymore like them so I decided on this Amazon Basics cd case.

When I got it, the case looked sturdy enough on the outside but when I opened it up I was surprised that my cheap dollar store cases were superior to the Amazon Basics design. The first problem is that when you put a disc into the sleeve, the disc is overlapping onto the plastic above the disc. That is a huge no-no. Would it have been so hard to have just a little bit of room up top to where the cd doesn't overlap the plastic?

The second problem I found was that the cd's themselves fit quite snug into the sleeves. Almost too snug. Again would it have been so hard to leave a little room at the sides of the disc? So I found with them being so snug it can be quite a hassle pulling them out with ease. Which makes me think that overtime the cds will get scratched from the friction and force of pulling it out. I'm also kind of weary about the quality and durability of the plastic sleeves themselves as the sleeves feel pretty flimsy.

Other than that I like this case.

Overall this case could have been so much better. Leave a little room at the top where the disc doesn't overlap the plastic and not make it such a snug fit so you can't get your discs out easy. Also don't make the sleeves so flimsy. I'll have to admit this case isn't the worst I've seen but Amazon definitely needs to rethink the overall design of this case. I mean how can my 8 year old no brand name dollar store cd cases get it right and this much more expensive newer cd case get it wrong? Maybe the old saying they just don't make em like they used to is true.

I added a few pictures and hopefully Amazon will see how to do it right for future designs.
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