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Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2017
I have read three of his earlier books and attended Dr. Joe's workshop and while I greatly appreciate all the science, references to research by others, etc. I found this book a bit of a disappointment. The first half (some 150 pages) is spent on previous works. I suppose as a stand-alone he would have to get first-time readers up to speed, however, it would seem this could be done more effectively by putting those explanations, graphics, charts etc in an addendum and referring readers there. The latter half of the book gets to the 'new' work, and I love that he discusses hard brain science and discoveries in quantum science, yet I had hoped for a deeper exploration of consciousness and the brain-heart connection.

Another problem I find with all his work, the book was billed as a step-by-step guide but as with all of his earlier work, he refers to an 'elevated emotion' without ever describing how to tap into it. One doesn't just sit down, close their eyes and find joy and love and harmony.
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