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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2019
Stephen King was one of my favorite authors when I was young. Anything he put out was on my must-read list until "Cujo." Since then, I've been a bit more discerning with him. He's hit-and-miss with me. Some of his recent stuff is very good, but I consider his works a crap-shoot these days.

"The Sun Dog" was a miss for me. It wasn't terrible, but it was certainly not top-shelf King, either. Frankly, it read more like a screenplay than a novel (or novella?) to me. The characters were pat; the plot was cliched, and the ending was predictable. It was also dated. I didn't note the date when it was written when I bought it, and it doesn't hold up well in 2019.

I did give it two stars, though. The main reason for this is that while I found the characters a bit trite, I couldn't help liking the father and son. They had a nice, loving relationship that I found refreshing. I think that one thing King does very well is capture relationships and write dialogue. He did that well here. I just wish there had been more to like in this.
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