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Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2020
Disappointed... and I hope you have the image of Kevin Sorbo/Hercules in your head yelling disappointed, cause that's how I'm feeling right now.

Spoilers ahead

What's wrong with this book-
- Collins moved away from the first person viewpoint, which led to a lack of connectivity into the character. Since her character is Snow, we *needed* that direct insight to make him at all understandable or relatable. But Collins didn't even try to get into his head. So descriptions, characterizations, all incredibly thin and flat, with a ton of names to attempt to keep straight from the word go.
- Pacing is jerky. Moving the action along from outside the character's head the way Collins does made for an extremely uneven ride. Time passes in fits and starts.
- Unrealistic coincidences. Really, Lucy Gray just happens to sing and or write every song that Katniss sings? Just happens to swim in the same lake? Gives Snow a complex about mockingjays? This story was going to be tricky to start with; tying it to everything possibly significant in Katniss's life is ridiculous.

Overall, loved the concept, the execution is poorly edited, sloppy, and groanworthy.

We deserved better than this dreck.
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