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Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2020
EDIT: I just finished the show and wow this show is aggressively bad. Just truly awful with I'd say 0 redeeming qualities

Too many unusual things that we're just meant to accept as totally plausible.

I lived in Chicago for over 4 years and there's no way a bunch of white people get shot in a hotel and the police aren't immediately there. Security didn't happen to notice two dudes walking around with guns that have silencers? You can't even own a gun in Chicago unless you know the right palms to grease to get yourself a permit let alone a concealed carry permit. Also people in Chicago, I don't care where in the city they live, aren't gonna let two tall weird dudes put an "oxygen mask" over them just because "there's a gas leak." That's not even how gas leaks work nor how you'd even be told one was happening. Far too many people open the doors for strangers within the first two episodes of the show. Would never happen they'd just tell them to F off and if they're white they'd call the police who would show up quickly so they could mark another one down for their monthly quotas
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