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Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2017
The finishing is what surprised me first. This is really well made. The matt black absorbs light in a way that says it's not just cheap plastic. The crystal remains pristine and scratch free.

The watch is light and easy to wear, the band being quite flexible. It's a bit bigger than I imagined, not quite G-Shock big but will still snag on a tight shirt cuff.

The value for money is extraordinary. I hesitated to upgrade for atomic sync and tough solar, but that drives the price up more than twice. The whole point of this watch is that it is very simple to keep costs down, and the consensus on watch forums seemed to be that the 10 year battery and the tough solar technology die at about the same time anyway, whilst the former is a lot cheaper to replace. As for atomic sync, it would be nice but I'm always near the internet and it takes literally a second to adjust the hour for a new time zone.

I wear this a lot over much nicer and more expensive watches, because it's comfortable and looks neat. I'll reluctantly put on a mechanical watch if I need to meet clients. There's something just great about the minimalist toughness and value for money in this watch. It's philosophically great.
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