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Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2013
In this excellent new work in the series of graphic novels based on the Dark Tower books by Stephen King, Roland continues his quest for the Tower, and the Man In Black who flees before him. Now he is joined by Jake, a young man who died in his world and is "reborn" in Mid-World. The only problem is that both Jake and Roland believe that only through Jake's death is Roland going to get closer to his ultimate goal.

As with the previous works in this series, the artistry is excellent, and the storytelling matches as well as possible with King's works. Occasionally the books take a bit of a different slant on the quest, but always within the context of the original tales. There is a bit of that deviation in this book, but it stays true to the overlying story, and actually in some ways enhances it.

The Constant Reader knows that Jake's fear that he is going to die is correct, and also that Roland knows it and has to decide at some point to save Jake or continue on his journey to speak with the Man In Black and gain more knowledge of what he is seeking. That confrontation is quite eerie, and there is some foreshadowing of what is to come. The book ends, basically, where the first King volume ends, and I suppose soon we will have the beginning of The Drawing of the Three. Can't wait!
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