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Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2020
If you’ve read other books from wrìter, you’ll love revisiting some of your favorite characters now that the next generation is all grown up. Or mostly grown up, because we all know those early adult years are full of self-discovery and growth. Hopefully.

For my angst-loving reader friends, run to your TBR and add this book because you definitely don’t want to miss this one. Gah! It’s a crązy emotional roller coaster ride that tosses your heart all around, and you’ll love every minute of it!

Lavender Waters has always been an anxious child, having difficulty expressing herself in tense situations. But between her parents, extended family, two brothers and her brother's best friend, Kodiak, she has a lot of people protecting her and watching out for her, sometimes to her detriment, it seems.

Her brothers and Kodiak have all moved away to college, and after a year at the community college, Lavender is ready to join them. Kodiak used to be Lavender's best friend. He would come to her rescue when kids were mean to her, and just being in the same room with Lavender would quiet the noise in Kodiak's head.

After a lot of time apart and some vìcious, hurtful things Kodiak said to Lavender, all that changed. Except he's still her brother's best friend, so it will be difficult avoiding him now that Lavender and her brothers share a house.

There's always a risk, with a hero who's a major alpha hòle, that the reader doesn’t connect with him or doesn’t feel he's grown and changed enough, but this masterful storyteller redeemed Kodiak in spectacular fashion. I’m always concerned with the new adult genre that there will be too little maturity and too much manufactured drama, but that is far from the case here.

Lavender and Kodiak are both authentic and relatable with their flaws and the lessons they learn in order to grow. I was all in from the beginning, feeling and experiencing everything along with them, and cheering them on every step of the way.

Hųnting strìkes a perfect balance in every aspect – the mix of past and present in revealing the story, the rationale of Lavender and Kodiak’s individual growth before they’re ready for their forever together, and the inspiring metamorphosis from the scared little girl alone in the dark to the confident young woman who sląys her own dragons.

Mesmerizing and poignant, this stunningly beautiful story with its poetic prose will break your heart, mend it to better than before and finish it off with wings to soar. You’ll effortlessly fall for these enchanting characters who will remain a part of you long after the last page, so don’t miss this enthralling, breathtaking, remarkable read!
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