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Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2015
I have read all of the Jack Reacher books, many more than once. I really wish I had not read the reviews for Personal. I don't know that they didn't jade me as I began reading this book, I tried to read with an open mind. I do know this for sure. If I was just handed the book with nothing to identify the author and Reachers name did not appear I could not identify the author by reading. You know how you internally get to b able to recognize your favorite authors tone, cadence, flavor, vernacular, method......their "voice." I couldn't. The text is choppy. There are many fragments which im sure were intended but I'm talking about A LOT of fragments. Reacher acts like he is the one taking nerve pills....he is bland. I'm having to force myself to continue reading. I'm about 3/4 thru the book. I'm lost. Child has not given an acceptable argument to justify the plot, even now toward the end of the book im still wondering why he is there, frankly I think Reacher wonders why he is there! And why oh why does he keep using the women's first and last name every time they are mentioned!?!? It is irritating. Honestly there are a few places that Child finds his "voice" but not enough to wipe away the blandness overall. I will amend this review once I wade through the remainder. It is hard to believe this is a true Jack Reacher book by Lee Child. Just as hard as accepting that someone really believed that a 5'8" actor with dark brown hair and brown eyes could be accepted as 6'4" blonde haired blue eyed Jack Reacher. Maybe that is what derailed Child's writing train!! He's confused!
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