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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2017
~(initially rated this 1 star. See update at bottom)
I bought this mop handle based on all the great reviews, but after I received it family circumstances caused me to not get a chance to use it for a few months. When I finally did go to put a mop head in I realized that the “easy-turn” thumb screw was NOT easy turn! If I get both hands on it and get some leverage I can get it to turn about 3 small clicks, probably 1/20th of a full rotation; obviously not even close to enough to allow the gate to open to insert a mop head. The whole thing is virtually frozen shut. And of course now it’s too late to return. I’m hesitant to order another, but I have two nice mop heads that will only work correctly in a side gate mop handle.
***Update*** I broke down and ordered a 2nd mop handle, as I have a lot of floors (plus pets and teenagers) and little dainty mops just wont do, plus I’d bought those good mop heads that need the side gate. The second unit works fine and as described- the thumbscrew turns easily and it’s easy to tighten the gate enough to firmly hole the mop head. I updated my review to 3 stars because even though my new mop is great, Rubbermaid is a big company and they should have better quality control, especially on something as simple as this. The whole purpose of this mop handle is to hold a mop head firmly but also be able to loosen and change mop heads as needed. If the main function doesn’t function the entire unit is worthless.
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