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Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2019
Love it! Great Design. Excellent Quality. Prompt Service.
I bought this Waterdrop RO system about two weeks ago and so far love it!! I was a bit hesitant due to the price in the first place, but after reading the reviews and calling the manufacturer, I decided to give it a try.
1. Awesome customer support. I did a lot of research on the RO system and compared several units. I have read an article talking about the water gets recontaminated within the water tank after a period of time use, so I located this Waterdrop unit with tankless design. I had concerns about the pipe connection and water quality, so I called the manufacturer directly. I spoke with Cassandra(I guess I spelt it correct) from Waterdrop customer support and she was extremely helpful working with me to determine the best solution.
2. Great design. The design is compact with smart indicators of water quality and filter life on both the faucet and the system panel.
3. Reliable filter. As the core part of an RO system, the RO membrane is definitely something you need to pay attention to.  One of my friends has an RO system installed at home and I saw the RO filter is quite small along with several other carbon filters stacking together. But when I received this unit from Waterdrop, I found the RO filter is really big and heavy, almost three times bigger than that of my friend’s, just as the brand advertised, which pretty much explains the price. All the filters were placed nicely within the system, install and replace can be done with only a few seconds, excellent design!! I read that the micron rating of this filter is 0.00001um, which surely can remove most contaminants.
4. AMAZING Taste. The TDS is not actually the only thing with filtered water as I know bottled water can have a TDS of over 150ppm. I used to have a zerowater pitcher with the TDS reading as zero but the taste was really awful. For this system, TDS is fine (20 to 40) and safe to drink. The tankless design allows the unit to pump water directly and ensures the water quality, the water tastes really GREAT!
P.S. Remember to double check for the power outlet. Don't share the power outlet with your garbage disposal as there will be no power when you turn off the disposal wall switch.
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