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Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2020
I'm 13 and I really liked the Wings Of Fire books. I got all the books from the library and read them all the time. I was so happy when my family gave most of the books to me for my birthday. I pre ordered Dragonslayer before it was released. Then I got The Poison Jungle from the library and my happy fandom crumbled. Why can't you use your gifts to make a great NOT GAY story about dragons! Sundew did not need to be in love with another FEMALE dragon. I did not cancel my order for Dragonslayer in the hope that it would be better. It wasn't quite as bad but one of the characters has"dads" and I do not like how Wren and Leaf turn down their parent's apology. If you're looking for clean, awesome dragon adventures the first ten books are great but after that it goes down hill. If the author reads this I would tell her I think she's a great writer but I would beg her to stop slipping these gross things into her books like they're normal and OK because they're not.
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